Anyone knows what happened to flypool?

Hello guys!
I’ve been trying to connect to flypool and the browser throws me a certificate error as if somebody was trying to counterfeit the site and the certificates failed.

Take a look at this:

Thanks a lot and have a great one! :wink:

I don’t have this message

You’re right, I checked on my phone and no problem…it’s probably my corporate notebook that’s blocking me off crypto related sites…but it’s the very first time this happens. I used to check my workers like 10 times a day with this laptop before.

Well, I’m glad that awesome pool is still up and running

Thanks Uche32!!

pretty sure your company doesn’t like the website certificate of flypool. probablly flypool has Symantec certifcates

comes up fine for me in the US, on both chrome and ff. they use comodo for SSL (pretty well respected) so maybe your browser cache needs a refresh.

I can see it fine (US, Chrome browser).

@Alpha1 All that is is whatever orginization that owns the network you’re connected to has blocked the type of certificate that flypool uses for one reason or another. You could take it up with an administrator of the network, or you may be able to VPN around it, but I would just check it on another computer or different network.

The comodo ssl is of cloudflare (CDN), they should be using Let’s Encrypt free ssl certificate.

Never heard of network policies that block certain types of certificates, in any case this scenario is highly improbable. It could simply be a network filter for cryptocurrency related keyword, or as many banks/institutions do: their IT department randomly checks what employees are visiting and if it’s not work related they add the domain (or server ip) to their internal blacklist…

I worked for a computer repair shop that would check the types of certificates websites used, but I never bothered asking the owner why he had it set up that way. Don’t know if I’ve ever seen it outside of that one place. If he still has that shop I can go back and ask about it, that’s been quite some time ago though so who knows.

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Hey JStallings!
thanks for giving more detail about this, in anycase I wasn’t saying it isn’t possible or it wasn’t a valid anwser, just thought it’s more a unique situation and thought other options more feasable (didn’t want to discredit your post).

have a good day!

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Indeed, it is not the first time it happens to me but never happened with Flypool before.

@Uche32 The funny thing is that the company I work for use Symantec as well xD

Most cryptocurrency sites work fine, it is with pool’s websites that it happens the most…for example flypool. But yet again, I tried on another device and no problem.

thanks a lot guys!! =)

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Symantec is the worst thing out there, I literally hate it tbh.

Tell me all about it…every single time I turn on the pc I have to input a boot up password… and some times the application fails and I spend almost one hour without internet connection due to authentication issues… even when everything is supposed to happen automatically the second I access my OS

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