Anyone using these for mining? Corsair Hydro or EVGA SC2 hybrid

Anyone have experience with these for mining? In my experience evga has produced better numbers than MSI. Thoughts?

Yes, I have a couple of these. I do not own any EVGA Hydro’s so I can’t compare them against that, but I like them better than the EVGA trio fan’s that I own.

Thanks for the reply. What temps do these run? How has the longevity
been? Do these perform better with hydro compared to air flow of the same

40C and 38c in a 73.6F room (still on my testing bench) - only had them 5 weeks
performance is better than airflow, I would and will spend the extra $$$ for the better dispersion of the heat to me better sol/w ratio which is 254w to 3.00

Have you tried lowering power to make more efficient? Thanks for your
replies. I am going to try a few.

I use both. Have one rig with 4 EVGA’s and another rig currently building up to scale with 2 Corsair Hydro’s so far. The EVGA’s run faster in my experience at the same clock settings and power limit. Unfortunately, due to the EVGA Precision X Overclock software designed for the cards, you can only attach 4 of these per motherboard if you want to overclock the cards and control the fans. In terms of cost/benefit, you lose out on some savings by having to purchase a new motherboard/entire rest of system once you want to get past 4 cards if overclocking. If you don’t care about overclocking I guess this isn’t an issue, but I haven’t tried that.

All this said, both the corsair and EVGA cards run really smoothly and reliably. They never go down on me. They both run very cool and best if all they are QUIET. I’ve had the EVGA’s running nonstop since early July, and the Corsair’s running nonstop since early August. Again, the Corsairs run slightly slower than the EVGA’s in my experience at identical clock settings, but I have seen other posts indicating the opposite.

That reminds me, you can OC up to 12 Corsair’s Hydro… They are MSI and are compatible with afterburner. So I am told by a friend who has 6 of them.
I have not personally seen it/them

Would you have the 4 card limit with ethos? It is probably windows only limitation right? Do both of these cards require the pigtail power cord?

my EVGA GTX1080 Hybrid at 14°C / 57.2°F:

but by touching the backplate the memory is relatively hot, so I place a little fan which is blowing directly on the memory at 5V just to be safe.

Not using Ethos, I would guess that you would not have the OC limit 4 issue there.
Use they require the pigtail to the mobo. 15.00 will buy you an one to eight extender that has a molex power connector

Its safe to put all 8 risers on one powercord? I was thinking about buying
the 6 pin risers and they pigtailing the riser on it, but for these that
won’t be enough since there is a 8 pin and 6 pin on the card itself.

Risers or the pigtail for the fans on the radiator? pigtail and if its a molex, sure.

I forgot about the fans on the radiator. What connector does that use? A 6 card rig of these looks like I have to rethink the power situation and cabling.

I currently run 5 - EVGA 1080ti SC2 Hybrids and 1 - EVGA 1080ti FTW3 all getting about 740sol (hash) for zcash. They run about 53 degrees at 220watts, 5600 men and 1.85 core. I’m currently building a new 18 card rig, only using the SC2 Hybrids and hope to have it done in the next day or so.
My current rig uses one 1200w/850w EVGA P2 PSU. I’ve been happy with the results and consistency in performance. No major issues so far. I power each riser individually (although you could probably double them up, but no more than 2 together). The radiators are powered through the plug on the card and each takes 6/8 pin connection. Hopefully this helps.

Hi, did you manage to Overclock the 5 1080 ti? Ive been having some issues, Afterburner do not recognize fans and Presicion X does not work if I have more than 4 GPU, even If I only wanted to overclock just 4 of them, hoy did you manage to get them working? you have them at stock?