Aorus + MSI 1080 TI slow together

Hello everyone, I have a question.
I'v been using 3 aorus 1080 ti extreme for a while getting around 750-760 sol each card.
Now I added a MSI 1080 ti lightning x, alone the card reach 790 sol, but when all of them are plugged in I get around 730 sol each. I'm using 2 PSU (1200 + 750) and the cpu is an Intel g4400.
Do you guys have any clue why this is happening?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Interesting. Try just one AORUS and the MSI. See if you get the same problem.

Before you do that make sure your overclocking is affecting all three GPUs.

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Thank you for the answer, I tried. With 3 gpus everything run perfectly, adding the 4th slow everything down

Oh sorry. I thought you only had 2 AORUS GPUs. Have you tried one AORUS and one MSI?
And make sure the overclock is on all 4 GPUs. It looks like your cards are running on stock settings.

yeah tried every possible combination, 3 gpus = good performances. 4 gpus = slowdown, the brand doesnt matter :confused:

Even when you overclock you get the same numbers?

With all the gpus OCed I get slightly better performances, like from 700 sol to 720 sol per card. but thats it

I am going to be throwing a lot of suggestions/questions your way so try and see what works. Hopefully something works.

Do you have 4G enabled? What OS are you using? Have you tried moving your power supplies around so that the 4th GPU would be connected to the 1200 PSU for trial 1 and then connect the 4th GPU to 750 PSU, if that is your setup (Just checking if you have delegated enough power to the GPUs)... What risers are you using? Does each riser have its own individual power cable (make sure not to have one power cable powering more than one riser at a time)? Do you have both 8 pins connected to each GPU (I am not sure what pin connectors MSI has)? Have you updated your BIOS and cards to the latest version? Have you checked Device Manager to see if there is a driver issue or hardware issue?