Have 2 Evga FTW3 1080 ti, need some advice on upgrade

Hello, I have a rig with 2 1080 ti and Corsair HX1200. I am currently using Evga Precision X to control the GPUs. I want to learn if I am able to run any other card without ICX in this rig? I am planning to buy and add 2 Asus Strix 1070 if it is possible. Probably it is possible to run them at stock settings but what I am asking is, can I control all of them with the same software? Also, Evga Precision X was limited by 4 GPU as far as I read, still no solution for that?

And my last question is, what is my best option with this rig, adding one more 1080 ti, or 2 1070s. I think if precision X seriously limits by 4 GPU, I will not add a 2nd PSU, so that I will maximize it with adding 2 1070s. I believe this is the best option so far. If we can somehow make them work together and be able to control, I can also add 2nd PSU and make the rig bigger (mobo is MSI Z270 A Pro by the way). I am looking for your help and advices fellow miners.

Sorry for my bad English, thank you for your help. :slight_smile:


You will be able to control all of them with MSI Afterburner :slight_smile:

Hello, thanks for reply. :slight_smile:
So by using MSI Afterburner only problem is not being able to control the 3 different fans on my FTW3, all fans at same speed. And there is no any other problem than that? I can go for 6 GPU which is limited by my mobo right?

Also, What is the max I can go for with a Corsair HX1200 PSU? I feel like 2 1080ti and 2 1070 looks fine. What do you think?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

I’ve had problems mixing and matching brands of cards in windows, but linux should be fine with whatever brand you want to use. Specifically, I tried running an Aorus Xtreme 1080 Ti and an EVGA card in the same machine, and the controls specific to the Aorus stopped working so the overclocking stopped working too and MSI didn’t properly control it. The gigabyte cards are a bit pickier about the software that controls them than other brands, but EVGA and Asus might play nice in windows - haven’t tried that one specifically so I can’t say for certain.

Have mix MSI 1070 with Gigabyte 1080 TI OC on Win 10 and works fine


I have tested using my Asus Strix 1070 from my gaming pc into my rig. Actually, MSI Afterburner and Asus GPU Tweak2 can not control Evga FTW3’s 2nd and 3rd fans, they can only control GPU fan. And they do not even run on a fixed speed, they just DONT SPIN. 2nd and 3rd fan just stops if I do not use PrecisionX software. I can control the fans and power on my Asus 1070 with PrecisionX without problem.

So, I am limited to 4 GPUs because I have FTW3 and ICX technology needs PrecisionX software. Here comes the question. I am considering to buy 2x 1070. Is it smart to do so? I think 2x1080ti + 2x1070 is best I can do. What do you guys think. I will buy them today or tomorrow (found cheap), so any fast recommendation is appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Can you not run EVGA precision X alongside Asus GPU Tweak, or does Windows just not allow you to control the brand specific parameters at all when there are mixed brand GPUs installed?

If you want to run a larger rig, nvOC works great with EVGA FTW3s mixed with other cards. I run a 12 GPU rig with 2 FTW3, 3 SC2, and several different brands of 1070s, and the fans all function properly in linux even without EVGA precision X using the temperature control script that Fullzero added to the O/S in release 0018. Here’s the thread: [OS] nvOC easy-to-use Linux Nvidia Mining

do you really need to be able to control each fan of one GPU? can you not just let it run all on the same speed?