Art for Privacy!

Hello everyone! I’m Andrés Palmar, musician and member of the Zcash in Spanish community. I have been active writing and streaming live concerts every Saturday on Free2Z. I have 22 years of musical career and have toured extensively in South America and Europe.

After reading and interacting with the Zcash ambassador in Spanish, I realized the importance of privacy in various areas of our lives, since many times we unconsciously value and protect it.

In this way, the existence of protocols such as Zcash that protect our financial privacy are essential. I’m sure everyone here agrees with this. However, the problem is to make other people realize it too, that people understand the problem we are facing and the need to protect ourselves.

Everyone here makes the effort from their possibilities.

However, my experience as a musician has allowed me to verify the power that art has to communicate and give transcendence to thoughts, ideas and knowledge.

For this reason I wrote an article in Free2Z where I explain and propose the creation of an artistic movement called: Art for Privacy!

I will share the links in English and Spanish: English. Spanish.

I would like to know your thoughts on this and if there are any artists who would like to join, please leave me a message.

I am very happy to be a part of this community and I look forward to making my artistic contributions in favor of privacy.

Thanks for reading me.



:100: I think this is a great idea, I support your mission! Good luck :zebra: :hot_pepper: :notes:


Thank you! It’s good to read the feedback from the community and see that you support this movement. :pray:

Welcome @palmar! I love this movement that you’ve created. How can we support you?
The Zcash Foundation AudioVisual Club is here to help.

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Thank you, Ryan! I have your blog on my to-read list as there is tons of information around Zcash. But I will give priority. I can think of different ways we can collaborate. Right now I am collecting information about the artists who are already living in the Zcash ecosystem, without a doubt the AudioVisual Club is in the first places. We are going to promote this movement.

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