Asus B250 Mining Expert

i want to build my second rig…
b250 mining expert

i want to use win 10 only… i dont like linux and anything else…
i want to ask how much win 10 capable maximum gpu on b250 mining expert?

With windows you can’t run more than 6(or 7?) nvidia cards, you should split with AMD cards to run on windows.

Mining professionaly with windows is a joke and you should get into a linux based OS for mining, not only for better stats, but better everything, no OC problems, no updates that restart system, no OS cost.
If you are just lazy you can always search on craiglist or whatever you use in your country and find someone to configure you RIG (50$/euro should be enough).


Running 8 Nvidia’s and 5 AMD on the Asus B250 mining expert, Win10. There is a driver update from AMD to enable more AMD cards but it is not mining optimized afaik. Hopefully Nvidia will update their drivers for more than 8 cards. Bits Be Trippin on Youtube has some videos having more cards. Don’t know if optimized for mining.