Expanding Rig which OS recommendations?


I’m expanding my rig from 4 GTX 1080 TI to 7 1080 TI. I buy an a motherboard “ASRock 13 gpu” (H110 Pro BTC+).

I have some questions.

1-. Which OS should I use? Windows 8, 10? Linux or ethos? I will be mining only ZCASH.

2-. Which recommendation do you suggest on a continuously expanding rig, I’m planning to expand 1 extra GPU per month until I have 10-12 GPUS. (maybe 13, so the motherboard, will be full)

3-. The motherboard has an M.2, Can I plugin another GPU (making it 14 GPUS) with an M.2 to PCI-E converter?

everything will be powered by 3 PSU (I add 1 extra PSU of 650W bronze minimum per 2 gtx 1080ti)

The rig’s in an AC room during the day. During the night we turn off the climate, when should I need it to leave it on 24/7?

Any other suggestions Do you have that I should I apply?

If you are planning to run only nvidia gpu, you will need Linux. If you use Windows, you will have to mix AMD+Nvidia.

Any Linux based OS works? Ubuntu or do you recommend ETHOS?

Check out simplemining.net

Running 11x 1080Ti’s on Windows 10

thanks, good to know. So the statement from official website is incorrect.


It was correct, untill 1709 patch. Its not just updated.

Nice, My rig has Win 8.1. I need to update it, and I will try 2 out of the 3 card I bought will arrive soon I will test it on windows and confirmed back here.

How about hash rate between windows and simple mining or ethOS?

FYI: I try windows 8.1 and run my 6 gtx 1080 ti with no problem. When amazon send me the other i will try if Windows can with 7