Balance issues

Thank you for trying but I’m about to give up. I’ve tried everything. I wish I had never used this wallet as there is no support.

I’m not sure what was missed. Everything you mentioned points to the wrong seed. I could get the UFVK but I don’t know if that would help with fully transparent transaction and if it’s a different set of addresses…

No support? What about @Autotunafish who has been trying to help you several times?

Or me who suggested you check the address that your seed produces?

You can also go to any other transparent wallet or to BIP39 - Mnemonic Code if you prefer.


I meant no official YWallet support.

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@Sherrin check you inbox I just texted you

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Let us know how it goes

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I decided to delete YWallet and only use unstoppable. YWallet started to show the wrong balance for me too. Don’t worry. YWallet is just buggy. It used to work fine until latest update. Relax

Try to restore on trust, if your original t address changed on YWallet. If you don’t remember your original t address, and really took a print screen, you’re doing something wrong.

T address are very easy to restore in wallets. Worst case scenario you wrote the wrong address on Binance. That’s the only possibility if you have done everything right during the backup and restore.
End my case here