BCH to ZEC Transfer

I did a conversion via Shapeshift from BCH to ZEC in Exodus Eden. The transaction seems complete and is showing complete on the shapeshift page but the ZEC is not showing up in my portfolo and doing a scan of the transaction is producing a scan error. This has been going on for at least 15 hours. Would love some guidance on what to do. I know that Eden is pre-release software but felt it would be okay to use it just to get some Zcash. If you can help me with this please email me at howard@lifecraftingprogram.com.


I’d say you would need to get in touch with either Shapeshift or the Exodus Eden support team. Or both.

You have to report via shapeshift they have a pretty good service I made some zec to btc transfer a couple of weeks ago and the transfer was successfull on my wallet but it never came through shapeshift so i wrote the ticket and posted image evidence of the transaction plus hash code. They replied about 2 days later and they refunded me fully explaining why the error. Bbest of luck buddy.

Thankfully, its been resolved

I tried transferring BCH to a ZEC t address via ShapeShift and only got error messages. Other services wouldn’t even let me transfer the amount of BCH I had handy. If ShapeShift’s basic functionality is questionable, I can only imagine their app security isn’t very solid.

you can only send BCH to a BCH address, you can only sent ETH to an ETH address, you can only send BTC to a BTC address, and you can only send ZEC to ZEC address’s.

You can not cross send currency from one address to another, or in layman’s terms, you can not put the square peg into a round hole

Shapeshift.io, the service I mentioned I took a screenshot of and which you can visit, offers exactly the ability to move BCH to ZEC and a bunch of other cryptocurrency combinations. It’s what it says on the tin, except it turns out the app itself is experiencing technical issues.

I know the site… you deposit coin A into a coin A wallet and THEY turn/exchange coin A into coin B and place coin B into a Coin B wallet that you provided

You don’t place coin A into a coin B wallet and get coin B


We’re mincing words now. Yes, that’s how it works behind the scenes. Hence, “moving” BCH to ZEC as an abstracted process.

The site app code is still can’t do what it says it can do, no matter how you pronounce tomato. My point is made.

The only words I have to go on are yours, you said in your original post: “I tried transferring BCH to a ZEC t1 address via ShapeShift and only got error messages”

Not that you were trying to shapeshift/trade/exchange BCH to ZEC, but that you tried to SEND BCH to a Zcash T1 address wallet. Your words… So either you explained it wrong in the beginning or you still don’t not understand how shapeshift works.

Cool, great detective work. You win. Bye.

This was not something I was trying to win, I was attempting to assist you because you asked for help. What you have done though is burn a bridge with me, due to your rudeness, and insured that I will not help you again.

In lieu of a block button, this works. Thanks.