New to Mining , want some build / invest help

Hi guys , i’m new here on this forum.
My name is Nick , and i just started mining Zcash with EWBF and nanopool.

My gear is not the best for mining , since i have a 980TI , but i power limited it and am getting now around
430SOL/S on 194watts (2.27sol/watt with 80% power limit) Even tho i can get 500sol/s with OC but only get 1.9sol/watt.
So i guess i’m good there, i’m using the latest drivers and stock bios btw.
What do you guys think ?

I’m also using jaxx wallet but the balance still is 0,- but on nanopool i’ve got like 0.007 Zec , but i guess there is where
the minimum payout kicks in… am i right ?

Also since this is my main gaming rig , i’d like to build something extra!
I’m thinking about 2x 1060’s (6gb version) , am i on the right way?
Any help appreciated, i’m only got into mining a few days ago and went for Zcash just recently.

also , if someone can explain me how the payout works, like if the currency rises in value will the mining be more harder? Or like more diffiicult?


It sounds like you understand H/s vs Wattage so your good there.

I don’t like Jaxx, but your balance is 0 because yes you have not reached a minimum payout level

you can go @2X 1060 or a single 1070ti or (based on what you can afford and your PSU will handle)