Best Mining Pool for Smaller Rig Miners (1000-2000/Hash)

I just started mining ZCash so trying to figure out the best pool to mine with with my rigs. I am building up the farm so for now I only have 1 rig, running about 1000 Hash.

I am mining with Dwarf Pool, but the last block took over 23 hours and was only rewarded .005…

Send me your pools to check out. Thank you!

Suprnova is pretty good

Jep. Supernova. Pays better on ~10KHash too than flypool, imo…

What did you get for each with 10Khash

so far, fly and supernova… any affiliate links to say thanks for the help?

Approx. 0.013xx per block. About 0.25 - 0.35/per Day…

That is for Flypool I assume. What do you get for Suprnova?

That is on suprnova…

:sweat_smile: there goes my 50% guess

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I second the vote for suprnova! I’ve used both dwarfpool and suprnova. Both are good but I prefer suprnova