Best power solution for mining? (regardless watt/$)

Hey guys,

i have pretty simple question. I have around $10.000 i can invest in some mining rig and pretty nice option to plug it in work so power consumption is not an issue so I am looking for best option which can be most effective in matter of “brute force”. Logic say most powerfull cards are best but there is also price for cards which probably are important if they can be “paid back” by mining any time soon. Like i can imagine overall power of one titan can be less like 4x 1060 etc. and price is much better for 1060.

So what do you think is best option to build in matter of fastest return on investment when price of power is not an issue.

I am mining now 470sol/s just for test with one GTX1080 from my work PC thru wifi (that’s another question) ethernet connection is not possible, is it problem? My PC si connected thru wifi and so far from zcash dashboard everything looks good but maybe there is some hidden issue i dont know about. Let me know, Thanks!

Armed forces block with free power?

Sol’s/$ is your benchmark.

Yeah hashrate/$ is your benchmark. You can just list a couple of options and compare. And as the power is free, you can buy the cheapest PSU, don’t need to care about power efficiency rating.

Mining thru wifi is fine, just make sure it is able to auto-connect to minimize the down time.

Yes, exactly. Sol’s/$ is benchmark here. Any idea ? 1080ti ? Waiting for new cards?

I mine using wifi with no problems. I have set WiFi to autoconnect.

Yeah, while testing i didnt see any issue with wifi neither. Question is now, what is the best solution for best sol/ and what are limits here. 10x 1060 or 5x 1080ti , maybe ati have better sol/ , i was trying to find information about this but everybody are looking for best watt ratio ofcorse, I am little bit different in this matter ^^ or maybe wait a little bit as new cards are around the corner. Hmm

you might even want to look at some of the older cards if you can pick them up for a rather cheap price. some of them mine very well, but they use a lot of watts. since that is not an issue for you you might have an advantage over there rather than having to buy more expensive cards.

This is actualy good idea, probably some old highend cards on bazaar. Any idea which beast was really powerfull but with enormous watt usage so they are out of the question for regular mining? Old TITAN maybe? I think most powerfull gpu’s are NVIDIA’s for few years now.

i really can not advice you on that , i think for instance r9 390x does something like 350 sols, not sure. all cards are expensive nowadays anyway :slight_smile: