Best Zcash Mining Pool

I'm mining Zcash using Dwarfpool. Dwarfpool happens to be the first Zcash mining pool I discovered. That's why I'm using it.

I'm not committed to it, if more profitable options are available.

What's your preferred Zcash mining pool and why?

I am using slushpool. looks still to be 0% fee and the historic issue of very few coins / reward poaching seems to be minimal now
see for pool hash.

Would also like to hear / see ratings of the different pools.

I use
This pool is used by all my friends. He has the fastest and most stable response time, for my city.

i have just started and testing my single 1080Ti card

first pool i test is f2pool, yesterday it reached payment tracehold and still waiting for settlement arrived in my wallet, monitoring wise it's lame interface.

then nicehash, interface is ok, what concern me is their payout percentage is swinging up and down too much, might be hard to project rather steady payout.

now i'm testing flypool, interface is better than f2pool, but it has an error in displaying worker status, sometimes it shows offline while nothing is wrong with my worker.

as of profit, i still comparing all of them.