Pools supporting mining to z-addresses

Hey zcash community,

Are there any other pools out there that allow/support pointing miners to z-addresses besides Dwarfpool?

I have been mining to a z-address via Dwarfpool and it’s been working flawlessly, however, lately the pool hashrate has dropped to a point where I’m starting to look for alternatives.

I’m sure its not just Dwarfpool as I am experiencing the same thing on Slushpool. I don’t think another pool will fix your problem.

Me too, whats the point of using zcash if it takes large effort to use Z-adders?

I had no idea any pools supported zaddr.

Yes, well I can confirm that it is and has been working on Dwarfpool without problems and afaik Dwarfpool is the only pool that supports it. But the pool mines less and less blocks so it’s starting to eat into profits.

I somehow don’t understand why pool operators and miners who invest into (or provide service for) mining a cryptocurrency, that has anonymity as its founding stone and ingenious mathematical solutions to provide it, do not demand or at least have some incentive to increase the use of cloaked transactions. The fees for z-transactions are higher, but they aren’t THAT high. Without them, what’s the point?

wtf is going on dwarfpool