Binance rejecting deposits from Zcash Shielded Addresses

Do I understand correctly that apart from YWallet and Zingo! today, no other wallet supports forcing a transparent address as a source?


I don’t think Zingo would work in this case.

I’m other words, you need to have 2 wallet apps to interact with Binance. Unless you have YWallet. In other words, YWallet is superior than the official Zashi wallet right now

Currently, Ywallet is best wallet for ZEC. Thank you bro :pray:


The next version will introduce swap providers in the app. The first one is StealthEx.


@hanh I have an idea: you can create a way to integrate the purchase of Zcash into ywallet using the international credit card, you can generate revenue by charging a fee for the development of ywallet, at the same time helping people buy Zcash. I liked the idea of integrating swaps into ywallet, it will be the most complete wallet on the market.

An app must implement a series of regulations to accept credit card payments. It is against the spirit of Ywallet.


ywallet is truly awesome, thanks for building it!

I have a question/suggestion, though. Why drag behind the burden of ycash, that confuses people and triggers me every time I use Ywallet? I’m not interested in Ycash and nearly 100% users of your super-fast great Zcash wallet aren’t. Could we get rid of it? You could keep the name as Ywallet, or rename it as Zwallet, that’s up to you.

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Also, do you plan to implement support for ledger for desktop ywallet (that’s what I’d use primarily instead of Ledger Live crap UI)… after the Sapling shielded supporting ledger app is released soon (unfortunately, not supporting orchard yet:/), it should be possible.

There is no plan to drop Ycash support. Without the YF, there wouldn’t be a Ywallet. If you don’t like it, I suggest you keep ignoring it.

Do you mean the Zondax Ledger? Ywallet has had its own Ledger app for more than a year. I think it’s technically superior (faster, smaller, Orchard, etc); therefore, I don’t think I will replace it.


i’m confused, what?

Ywallet has ledger support, incl. orchard? How do we get this? I’ve been here for years and we all think that Zcash has no hw wallet support for shielded (sapling, orchard) txs.

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I did a video as well, its basically the same thing.

If you scroll to the bottom of the thread (160’s range), you get an idea about why the app was not reviewed.

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Although this is not the thread for this, I want to digress:

It is true that YWallet is an excellent wallet and has the best features, but…

Why is there so little publicity for Ywallet within the Zcash ecosystem? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Why are there no YWallet events/workshops like there are for Zingo and other wallets?

I think YWallet needs to be pushed more. YWallet and all Zcash wallets need to be spread with tutorials, workshops, videos, etc.

What do you think, @hanh ?


I am not promoting Ywallet because, in my opinion, it is simply a tool. When there is something new, there is an announcement but otherwise, we don’t have regular social media posts. I feel they don’t bring much to the table and often sound like advertisements.


I understand your answer, but you will be surprised at the basic, elementary questions asked by novice users.

There are users in the Zcash community who prefer YWallet, but don’t know all its features, because there are no tutorials or guides, other than the ones we can explain to advanced users like @Edicksonjga , @yoditar or me.

I think there is an opportunity there to push more YWallet.



To further digress, I onboarded my 1357th user to Zcash and Ywallet was a great experience and Zashi was not. Ywallet went from download to showing funds in about a minute. Zashi looked like it didnt work and kept syncing forever - even though it is a new wallet that shouldnt have to sync!

One big problem with the devfund is that the core recipients have a sort of NIH (not invented here) syndrome where they dont honor the best-in-class solution for political reasons and must build their own inferior solution.

Hanh for president as always.


I completely agree with you.

But what do Zashi and Zingo have that YWallet doesn’t?

ADVERTISING, good videos, even posts and tutorials. And that sells.

Now, imagine if YWallet did the same… :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

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Well, ywallet has documentation. A lot of it. Every is documented at

There are tutorials for the unusual/advanced functions.

I am not against more tutorial videos as long as they don’t repeat the same content.

Ywallet has different target users than Zingo and Zashi…

Edit: Just to be clear, I appreciate the tutorials, videos and posts about Ywallet.
But don’t expect me to make giveaways to acquire users.


Honestly, I really like ywallet, in my opinion it is excellent.

I had already read about ywallet, but had not used it, until I noticed a problem with the zecwallet wallet and felt that I should change wallets urgently, as it seemed that zecwallet support had abandoned the project, I was afraid of losing my Zcash , I decided to change my wallet and watching several videos on YouTube, asking questions in the comments of the videos, they told me to use ywallet, that was when I used it for the first time, I thought it was incredible, so I created an account on ywallet and transferred everything from zecwallet to ywallet. I couldn’t recover the wallet because ywallet doesn’t support older blocks. Luckily I was able to use zecwallet to transfer to ywallet in time.


I understand.

Thank you for your response.