Bitmain Antminer S9

Well, I think you might actually have the wrong end of the stick there.

If you need to divide a single bitcoin between two people instead of just making a new one so that they can have one each, well that is pretty much deflation, and it's likely the value of one bitcoin is higher.

If you endlessly make more of a certain money, then that's effectively inflation, and the value will go down because there's more currency units to go around.

Now the thing is, nether of these things change the amount of value people are trying to store when they get their bitcoin, which is where I think you're coming from.

But one of them generally makes the value they have stored go up, and the other generally makes it go down.

no, i've actually heard people say crypto-currencies (or was it just bitcoin? -- i can't remember) will magically mitigate inflation. the last part of my comment was poorly thought out/expressed. what i said in the 2nd clause isn't at all what i meant to express.

hypothetically let's say a crypto-currency, zcash, eventually becomes normalized; it's accepted everywhere. naturally, this should increase the value of a single zcoin, thus leading to indefinite, yet hyper division of the currency base to account for the larger user base in addition to the increase in value. however, since inflation is basically a given in today's world, eventually inflation will take its toll and there won't be enough currency to go around, especially if the population continues to grow. that's all i meant.

to be fair, aside from the block chain technology itself, i can't think of a single aspect of crypto-currencies that addresses even one major real-world issue with money.

Decentralization. Which is also one reason why cryptocurrencies can be said to mitigate inflation.

For good reasons and ill, state backed currencies will often be devalued by the creation of new currency units. What they did around the bank bailouts, the so called "quantitative easing" was one example of this. They made lots of new money, but no new value, so all the money was worth a bit less.

With a cryptocurrency, there is no government body who can suddenly decide that the block reward will triple so that we can pay for a war, or some industry bailout.

If you have your money in bitcoin rather than USD the next time this happens, you would not be subject to the reduction in value of your stored value that is caused by inflation of a national currency.

(In fact, since more people would probably try and move their stored value to bitcoin in the face of such a change, the bitcoins you owned by getting in early would almost certainly rise in value as well, due to increased demand, for something with a steady supply.)

Decentralization does not intrinsically mitigate inflation. Increasing the money supply doesn't necessarily nor directly cause inflation. Inflation is primarily caused by two things: (1) greed and or (2) increasing cost. Inflation is simply an increase in price and or loss of purchasing power. For instance, when a government decides to loan money into existence from a central bank to support a war, you do not lose purchasing power because all of a sudden there is more money in existence. Instead, you might ultimately lose purchasing power because government is creating greater demand for certain products, whereby the manufacturers and or the sellers of those products--or even the companies that actually extract such resources from the earth and then process them--choose to hike the price due to either an increase in cost or greed--or a combination of the two. Furthermore, such an increase in price naturally ripples throughout the greater economy, effecting various other industries and what not. The reason inflation is usually steady or continuous is precisely because of this ripple effect.

One thing’s for sure anyone who bought one when they were under $2k gonna make a killing.

At $4k? With 30% difficulty per month increase? Too late.

S9 are still very profitable, I don’t know what you are saying.

I’ve got a friend that has one: 13.5 TH/s and 1300 Watt measure at the wall. He makes around 900-1000$ a month (eletric not calculated). Costing only 3000$ it’s still a killer deal

If I could find and get 5 of them (new) when I actually paid for them instead of having to wait 3 months I would. if not BTC there is BCH