The margins are slim!

What will you be spending your $47 dollar profits on? :wink:

I’m fine with valuations remaining as they are for a few weeks, putting an end to the goldrush, stabilizing difficulty, and returning to some normalcy. The flood of naive newbies wanting to make a quick buck is making me uneasy.

At least ethereum is more profitable atm, lots of other coins to make money :wink:

Marginally so, even when dual mining.

I completely agree. Price can even go lower and I’d be fine with it.

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how do you see Ethereum is more profitable ? every calculator gives me zcash is more profitable …

Depends on the calculator you’re using but most of the good ones use whatever hardware you input in that calculation as well. You could be using different hardware than others to determine which is more profitable.

Zcash has always been a long-term play, 3-5 years. I didn’t even expect the recent pump to go above $150.

Honestly though, Bitcoin has serious problems and Zcash is basically a better Bitcoin in many ways: fungibility, zk-snarks, asic-resistant, and more…).

Mine on, friends.


I hope so. I’ve almost been depressed these past few days lol watching everything burn.

In your case with 1080ti :slight_smile:

kindly explain, as the “” calcs claim otherwise …

Don’t be.
I’d say its prime buy time, but think we could see lower lows, so best to hold out or split up your ask limit orders.


Perfect time to buy/hold. Zcash is brand new. It’s been around less than a year.