Bitmain Antminer S9

Does anybody own one?!

Has anybody dealt with the company Bitmain before?!


Wrong spot… Bitcoin forum is where you wanna be for that. But they are the who’s who company of bitcoin machines… So take it from there

There are a lot of S9 owners worldwide. Try to read about it and ask your questions here:

thanks. yep. i decided against it anyways. came across the supposed equation to determine profitability of BC: C x D / (838 x B x E), whereby C = cost of electricity, D = difficulty of blocks, B = reward per block. not worth it.

probably more worth it than ZEC, if not now in a week


just change the title of your thread to antminer VS mining ZEC and then these guys can’t tell you wrong forum! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

soon enough the antminer wil be more profitable than mining ZEC so i think its a worthy question to ask here

congrats! they unsilenced you lol

frankly, mining geeneral doesn’t seem worth it for the most part anymore. the zcash miners only work on newer hardware. you don’t stand a chance with other currencies. miners are basically praying that whichever new currency they choose to mine ends up taking off eventually like BC. but after looking into BC for the last day or so, i’m losing faith even in BC. sure shit loads of transactions are taking place, but between who? farms and hardware manufacturers? so that even more of the BC supply falls within the hands of a select few? why in the future would anybody want to adopt a currency, despite it being decentralized, if only a few parties already possess the majority of it?

ETH or ETC or Expanse? never looked into mining expanse but whattomine says its more profitable than ZEC now

maybe I will look in to Expanse more now

never even heard of it. there’s literally hundreds of crypto-currencies now :confused:

look there and you will see that there are a lot of options, but only a few profitable ones
ZEC will soon be one of the not-profitable ones

but i’m not interested in profiting just with the currency itself. if i were to mine anything, i’d want to be selling it almost as soon as i mine it, and then reinvest the real profit in probably gold.

what currencies are you mining right now if any?

over the past day or two at least i’ve mined like 0.0016… of BC. for that kind of return, however, that’s all the wear and tear that i’m willing to put on those units, though.

back and forth ETH and ZEC

It’s strange, since the ROI period for S9 is about 7 monthes now.

Zcash classic is more profitable now. Mining expanse is not profitable. Buy support is so small. Yes you can mine it, but how are you going to dispose your coin? You will just drive the market further down. Mine eth instead or zclassic if you feel like supporting it.

Depending on power costs and uptime…

zclassic is really trading? where ? what pools?

lol. This is the first time I’ve ever seen a cryptocurrency poster hit upon why limited-quantity coins have never been used except for gold in times of war (unstable government interactions) and societal collapse (unstable local government).

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What? …

that’s cuz the price drop of them, no? and didn’t they just bump up the price back up because of some new avalon miner?

it gets even worse. i’ve heard some people talking about how crypto-currencies and their limited supply will somehow mitigate inflation, which just isn’t true if you can endlessly divide them