Want to buy Innosilicon A9 ZMaster

Anyone can help me with some advice! I don’t have money to spend in vain… Thank you guys!

ask away!
What are your questions?

If you are going to pay via crpyto the cost with shipping will be around 11.5k-12k.

and make sure you buy directly from their website, NO THIRD PARTY!

(I was actually looking at their shipping cost last night) usd $ 700.00 to ship

Bitmain is number one. From my experience, they’ve been good on delivery. Take a look at their Z9 or Z9 mini if you’re going ASIC. Depending on which country you’re in, you’ll pay some tax on delivery. I’m in the states and had to pay $70.31 for each Z9 mini I took delivery on.

You used UPS for delivery didn’t you?

You got it…the other ones were asking for TINs and SSNs…I was good on that.

You had to pay import tax into the US on them?

That’s correct. I wanted to use other shipping methods, but I didn’t feel comfortable putting a TIN/SSN on Bitmain. UPS was very fast, so no complaints.