Where do you send your mining payments to?

I was sending to Poloniex but it’s been down for over a week and have been recommended multiple times to not mine to an exchange wallet. Heard of local wallets like jaxx but aparently it’s not possible to send payments there. So have been with this confusion on where to send my payments to, and wanted to ask you all.

I apologize if it’s been brought up before :pray:

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You can definitely send payments to Jaxx, but clear the cache every two weeks or so. Better yet, use Zcash4Windows. From there, transfer to the Ledger Nano S.


Thanks. Why not send directly to the Ledger? Does it have to be large amounts?

I suppose you could but I only plug the Ledger in for brief periods of time. For security, I keep it off the Internet and disconnected until I really need to use it.

Zcash4Windows works pretty well. Let that collect your 0.01 payments and the transfer to the Ledger every day or so.

Jaxx works fine as well but over time it becomes way sluggish - if you go to the settings tab and clear the cache, that helps.

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I have mined ETC to Jaxx in a pinch but just for short term. I would NEVER mine to an online exchange address. Why do you not just use the Zcash.d wallet?

Just started using Jaxx for mining and I’ll keep you updated. I have set pool in such a way that it won’t send more than 1 payment in a day.

Update - after reading this Jaxx wallets - balance - #15 by whfct I am back mining to poloniex. I’ll wait for the issue to clear out.

When people say stay away from online exchange wallets, what are exactly the best options?

It’s usually based on the fact that independent wallet are easy to use with any exchange… exchange specific wallet not that great in terms of returns

Minimum, Keep your coin and mine to a local PC wallet (Linux not Windows). Beter: encrypted foler and encrypted backup on local PC, better yet: air gaped offline PC. Hardware wallet is close to the same as air gaped PC since they have integrated onboard encryption and intrusion detection. Still need to back up all

I plan to move to a hardware wallet, but like you said, can take some time to get the unit. Then I will need to gain trust in the device, transfer 1 coin in, and then out, to see how it goes.

I’m happy with my local wallets right now but I have a file server that backs everything up daily and is encrypted.

When I want to spend, I upload ZEC to Poloniex, convert to BTC, and spend. If I want cash, I transfer BTC from Polinex to Coinbase and transfer into my bank.

Do not mine to a Jaxx wallet. I’ve done so for about 2 months, but it becomes irresponsive and freezes most of the time. clearing caches doesn’t help after a while anymore. it has something to do with the transactions having a lot of outputs.

Zcash4win and zcash4mac works pretty good for me. But if you have a ledger, why don’t just send it there? You only have to put it in when you need to get your coins out of the ledger.

rule is, if you want to sell immediately to market, mine to a centralized exchange or local dex wallet.
Long cats, should mine directly to zcash4win/zcash cli wallet.

You can send to my wallet :smiley:

Research people… millions of people around the world figure things out on their own with out asking a single person for advice.

Let me know if you want my wallet address

By your stupid logic, we wouldn’t need this forum in first place.


How about Bittrex.com ?

i’m using Cryptonator, works very well and has a clear transaction history, jaxx messed up my history and clear chache didnt help

How safe would you say cryptonator is? I started using zcash4win and it’s good, but I wish I could store my BTC and ZEC in same wallet. I wonder why Exodus doesn’t have ZEC support

i dont know really, im using cryptonator for a month and all good for now. its on the zcash official web as recommended wallet so i think is safe to use

yes jaxx not recommended, shapeshift expensive fee

mobile wallet !!

you do monitor daily for payoffs and drain at least monthly in case of lost/corrupt/hacked smart phone !!

I did it even back in the days when GPU-mining bitcoin was a thing :wink:

Your avatar is just funny sweet baby you isn’t a hacker and don’t even know basis of C :wink:

My mobile wallet is stored in cold storage not on a updated smartphone who is clearly more secure than windows
If I lose my smartphone I just need to buy another one to restore