[BOUNTY] ZEC Proxy development

Hi guys
As promised, find here the Zcash Stratum Proxy v1.0.0:

Zecproxy v1.0.0

This proxy has been tested with flypool and nanopool successfully.
Tested with EWBF’s Zcash CUDA miner. 0.3.4b

Main Features

  • Zcash stratum proxy
  • Additional up to 10-20% increase of earning compared to standard pools
  • Pool failover system
  • Only one connection to the pool
  • Workers get new jobs immediately
  • Submit of shares without network delay, it’s like solo-mining but with benefits of professional pool
  • Central Wallet configuration, miners doesn’t need wallet as username
  • Bypasse worker_id for detailed statistic and per rig monitoring - not supported on flypool yet / working on nanopool
  • PM2 support


  • ETH: 0x1212eF39d945aB9A9568Aa5a72c5CBA99Bbe46c1
  • ZEC: t1YAdYcnKR2ozADWPUvmgnDgf86gfsxQEEE


This software is provides AS-IS without dev-fee and without any warranties of any kind.
Please use at your own risk.

Enjoy !

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