Budget ZEC Miner - ~1700 USD = ~1 ZEC a Month on ~800w


I have a meager mining operation and happily mine ZEC all day long. I have a hodgepodge of mining computers, and even two gaming rigs getting in on the action in their spare time. I’ve learned a few lessons on the way and have settled on the GTX1060-3gb card with EWBF’s miner. I currently operate two of those as well as seven other systems, all of which dedicated to ZEC mining.

Anyhow, my two 1060 miners have 6 cards each and burn about 800w of power. Each one gets roughly 1600H/s, and I built each one for right about 1600 bucks USD each.

Here’s the parts list (US sellers):

1000w PSU - Rosewell, 95 USD:

6 EVGA GTX1060-3gb Cards, 225 each:

Biostar TB250BTC Motherboard, 80 USD:

Intel LGA1151 CPU, 45 USD:

Cheap HDD, 30 bucks (just get a cheap one as capacity doesn’t matter):

4gb memory, 30-40 bucks (again, just get cheapest):

You’ll need risers and a box fan for cooling, so when the bill is complete it’s about 1710 USD.

My reasoning for going with lower priced cards is to reduce the outlay of cash per rig since I am only mining for four or so months. I’ve learned that the newest cards are much better at power use than the older ones, so power use is another big consideration. I’ve found that these 1060 miners strike a nice balance between cash outlay, hash power and power use.

My miners are housed on the typical wood frame that you likely see all over. I can build them for about 15 bucks each with the wood from my local Home Depot. I think I’ll make another post on how I do them as they’re cheap and functional…just like I like :slight_smile:

Anyhow, I’m not posting to debate this and that and am only posting to share an idea that may benefit others.

My other miners are as follows if anyone is interested:

R1 - 4 1050ti’s w/ 1 1060
R2 - 5 HD7970;s (power hog)
R3 - 5 HD7970’s (another power hog)
R4 - 6 r7-370’s
R5 - 2 HD7950’s
R6 - 6 1060’s
R7 - 6 1060’s
R8 and R9 only have one GTX980ti in each one…and they suck power too.

So good luck and happy mining!


Thank you for posting this as I’m sure this will help some people out. You’re a real asset to this community :slight_smile:

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thx “NT” :slight_smile:

I don’t get many rejects. Here’s the link to my miners on Flypool: