Build rig maximum performace

Hi all
I have question I need build new rig but need maximum performance min power use. My two rig consumption 1600w now sale this rig, and build new small. I need maximum soil/s

I see on youtube Titan V the performance Is great but price too high maybe buy two, three card
but when they turn back money :(. Next Titan XP but not see test.

As far as I’ve seen the 1070 TI is the most efficient card for sol/w

I use calculator 8x 1070Ti +/- 1200w 4000h/s

yes that sounds about right they’re the most efficient Sol per watt cards

Maybe buy 2x Titan V and 4 1070Ti ? +/- 4000sol 800W

for mining only .

titan v gives 1000 sol for 3000 USD
gtx 1080ti gives 700 sols for 750 USD more or less

so for 3000 USD you can get 4 1080ti that give you 2800 sol

almost 3 times more bang for the buck than titan v .

I want to achieve max with the least electricity consumption
now I have 9x GTX 1080TI

just and idea here , would you consider solar system in the mining equation " price / performance / energy " ?

Now i living Brooklyn NY and rent apartment the cost per 1kw/h 0.11.56c but + 10c supply the last pay 456dol but 230dol is using 226 for supply i not understand this is the problem my mining rig using 150dol per month but i must pay 220.