What makes more sense for profitability, 1080 Ti vs 1070

With the prices of cards on the rise, I am wondering to myself having just bought some 1080 TI’s, what is the advantage of having such expensive cards with high sol rates that use high power, vs. something much cheaper like a 1070 that has an ok sol rate but also much lower power and much cheaper to buy. It seems to me the price of the latest cards plus additional power needed means they end up with a lower sol to watt ratio, which I guess would be what you need to look at to think about ongoing profitability.

From my own research, I figured that a month ago the most efficient card in terms of “sols/price” (1.05 - 1.1 sols/eur) and “sols/watts” (4.1 - 4.3 sols/watt) was the 1070 Ti.

It should still be the case, although with the price increases the “sols/price” between 1070, 1070 Ti, 1080 and 1080 Ti has narrowed down significantly.

If electricity is expensive in your country, this will have a more significant impact on your risk and profitability.

EDIT: It’s really nuts… I paid 452e per 1070 Ti on average, but if I were to purchase those cards now, it would cost me at least 570e per 1070 Ti.

Thanks unni, yes I was coming to the same conclusion, I bought four 1080 ti’s with the plan to buy another four, and they run very well, 715 sols at 190 watts, but they have gone up 30% in price since I bought them just the start of January. I want to scale up in rigs and with the price and lack of availability of 1080ti’s, I was thinking instead to just buy double the number or more 1070’s (not even ti’s) and use them. I can get the 1070’s for 550 euros, whereas the 1080 ti’s are now 1300 euros.

Do you know how many sols a regular 1070 does?

Yeah seems like 1080 Ti is out of the question with these prices.

I have 14 1070 Ti. I’m averaging about 490 sols per card. That means that my sols/eur is 1.085 - whereas as with current prices it would be around 0.86.

I dont have any first hand experience with 1070’s, but according to forums, it gives you around 450 sols. With the sols/eur for 1070 Ti being 0.86 (or probably even less, because they are sold out and will probably see a price increase when stocks get filled up), 1070 could be a more cost efficient solution, because you might still get them for 500e, which could give you a sols/eur of 0.9!

Edit: I do not know the power consumption of 1070, so that should be taken to account as well.

Great, thanks for the feedback, it confirms exactly what I was thinking. I got my 1080 Ti’s for about e880 so I think I did well to get them when I did, but I don’t think I will be getting any more. May even sell these for a slight profit and buy twice as many 1070’s.

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I have 3 regular 1070’s. They run roughly 450-490 Sol/s at approximately 130-150W. It all depends on the card and your OC or UC settings. So for around 40 more watts, your Sol/s nearly doubles with a 1080 Ti.

No problem! But these estimations are subject to change… who knows, maybe there are a few odd shops with low gpu prices, maybe not. Maybe you can get more than 450 sols out of a 1070, which would be great news, like @nekkidtruth says.

I see that you can get the ASUS GTX 1070 TURBO for e479. Works out at 0.94 sols/euro, seems a good deal.

check out this nvidia series 1000 efficiency chart

I looked at the numbers too and worked out i can get 3 1070’s for the price of a 1080 ti which gives about 1200 sols vs 700 for the 1080. the math seems fairly simple, i would say if you have the space for the extra cards it is a better option, also if a card dies you reduce your expense by 66% over a new card and you would still have more sols than the single 1080ti. i just ordered two 1080’s at the same price as a single 1080ti so that works too 1000 sols vs 700


You need to take into account rig density - where space is at premium, only 1080ti is viable. Also, 1080ti means doesnt need another motherboard, cpu, ram, ssd, frame for the another rig relativeley to the total sol/s achieved ie. 6 x gtx 1080ti = 4800 sol/s whereas you’ll need two gtx 1070 rigs for that

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+1 on what jigoku said, you also have to factor in physical space cost, and all the other components to build the rig as overhead, and measure the sol/price for the rig not the card. There is also your time, it takes the same time investment to build 1080 rigs as 1070, so your sol/time should also be factored.