Byzantium? Does it affect ZCash?

The update dropped onto Ethereum that will make GPUs less effective while mining Ethereum, my question is if this update will make zcash less profitable as me and my friends are planning to start up a zcash mining farm and want to know how long it will be effective. Thanks!

I’m confused. Why would an Ethereum update effect Zcash?

I misunderstood the question. It’s likely it will have an effect on profitability to some to degree. All of those GPU miners have to go somewhere and it’s highly likely some will end up on the Zcash network.

I think in the short term the opposite is true as the difficulty bomb has been delayed so whilst the mining reward has dropped blocks are now faster so it actually works out more profitable than before. Longer term though of course as GPU mining is eventually phased out on Ethereum they will need to go somewhere else but there is plenty of possibility for another coin to use Equihash so I think it’s pretty difficult to predict the long term dynamics of it all.


Ethereum update increased productivity up to 25%. It is now more profitable.

confusion seems to come up here :smiley: