You don't sell them!

keep them still there!

So the price remains high


If the price is too low and you mine for money then switch to ethereum. Gets more euros gpu/day at the moment.

I’m making about twice as much with Zcash as I was with Ethereum

How is that? How much do you earn per gpu? And what GPU do you have? Thank you

I have 3xr270’s making about $3.25 US per day on nice hash, thats about double what I was making on ethermine.

just curious, what is your hashing rate at nice hash?

about 45 sols using zogminer

Hi!Want to buy coins. Where can I do it? without equipment you can get?)

Except ETH diff dropped like hell and still decreasing while price is going up +12% in the last 24 hours.

There is nothing you can do to prevent this price decrease. Currently there are only ~2000 coins mined but in next 12 months it will be ~3 millions coins. That’s a massive inflation and will make price continue to fall.