So quiet now that ETH is more profitable

Hash rate has dropped 20%, and posts here are down 90%, now that ETH is more profitable. I thought they were all going back home, but ETH hash rate is still at 50% of pre-Zcash levels.

Yes it will eventually balance out

Have they figured out how to get the Nvidia 10 series cards mining ETH/ETC more efficiently on windows 10 yet?

I spoke too soon. ETH is up from yesterday’s low of 3.6 TH/s to 5. Maybe claymore’s software affected their systems and it took a while to get back online. :wink:


3 More days when we see ZEC at 0.25BTC its gonna all be even. ETH=ETC=ZEC. ETH and ETC are even ZAC is still a bit more profit but not for long. The hype is over who had rigs made a lot of money. Who bought new cards just for zac is already crying. Back to normal mining where every Mhs/W counts.

We’re below 8m sol/s now. I might actually get a whole ZEC someday if this keeps up.

we will see how low ZEC goes, today is judgement day for ZEC, … it either survives over the next couple weeks or it dies and becomes just another altcoin.

for me, today is the day that ETH becomes more profitable to mine than ZEC, even 12 hours ago, ZEC was more profitable, but the decline in price after claymores release has no end in sight…

We can’t say for sure that Claymore is to blame for the downfall of ZEC at this point, .but what is for certain, his Silentarmy windows clone and its users have triggered the current fall…

Claymore’s users bit off the hand that fed them…

Claymore’s release may have slightly accelerated the price decline (I saw a 25% jump in hashrate the day of his miner release) but ZEC price decline was inevitable due to coinbase growth - about 20% daily. The past couple days, market cap has been pretty stable, but today, the market cap has dropped significantly (about 25%) - the price has dropped beyond coinbase growth. For me, ETH/ZEC mining profitability crossed over yesterday, but briefly rebounded. I think we’ll see some back and forth although surprisingly ZEC hashrate has still been increasing (both ETH/ZEC profitability has dropped about 25% today, although it’s still also 25% higher than where ETH mining profitability was before ZEC launch). ZEC global hashrate is still over 10M sol/s right now, and seems to be steady/upticking and I have no idea why - old GPUs (like 2GB 280s) still shifting over? Large pools increasing miner efficiency? I haven’t bothered to track pool HR/miner/worker stats which would give more visibility over what’s going on.


Ahh, the likely answer appears to be botnets. The good thing is that ETH/ZEC profitability does seem to continue to be trading off, and global hashrate does seem to be bouncing up and down a bit as well (between 9-10M) - if someone has a link to a site that’s charting the global HR (or as a proxy, difficulty at least) that’d be nice. Hopefully miner devs can make some real GPU hashrate breakthroughs, otherwise a price floor based on mining costs might be problematic (also a move from 200,9 to 144,5 sooner rather than later might be pretty important for the health of the currency).

Here’s nanopool’s tracking of difficulty. Multiply by about 50 to get S/s

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Nope that’s still the same.
Miners can’t take full benefit of Nvidia latest 10xx cards.

And yeah ETH does bring more profit now compared to Zcash.
Seems like there isn’t bright future in mining zcash.

They both seem to be trading spots today…
I like ZEC because it runs more efficiently on my 9 rig farm I have ( about 250-300 watts less per rig )
So I will watch for next couple days and see whats what!!! Eth has climbed from 50TH diff to 65 now in about the spam of a day. It’s hit or miss at this point I believe

@nobody said “100 Sol/s on an EVGA GTX 1060 SC coded with CUDA PTX Assembly” at 134 Watts. That’s the record.

GTX 1060 with 100 sol/s?
Yeah we can only dream about that.

Right now it’s less than 30 sol/s with GTX 1060.

With my GTX 1070 I get max 35 sols/s.
I don’t know who told you that it’s possible to have 100 sol/s with GTX 10xx cards. At least now now.
Maybe once price drops even lower, they will optimise mining to the rate where it will at least cover power usage.
But I wouldn’t bet on that.

He’s been around in the forum longer than the vast majority without any problem and tromp said he was not surprised at his results. He’s working on tromp’s bounty.

maybe 100sol/s, but more than 50% declined lol
I won’t belive it, untill I see it on my own rig.