Zcesh Calculator?

I'm no expert but I think the math works roughly like this:

Let T be the network's target time between blocks in seconds (10 minutes * 60 sec/min = 600 secs)
Let X be the network hash rate per second (presently ~800 000 Sol/s)
Let N be your personal hash rate per second (we'll say 45 Sol/s)

Probability of you having a winning hash for any given period = N/X

So your time to mining a block = T / (N/X)
= 600 / (45/800 000)
= ~123 days

And the reward for a block will be H*(12.5/20000)*.80 where H is the chain height at the time you mine the block. Currently 0.3195 ZEC for a mined block.


Thanks for the info.
@ibischipmunk - based on these figures, if we wanted to define Z=f(N) where:
* N = my personal hash rate
* Z = my ZEC reward
* f = the amount of ZEC I get by running N for 24 hours, starting now, with the data we know now.

What would be your best esmiate for that?

In a more practical manner - What's your best guess on the rewarded ZEC for buying 100H/s*24h in NiceHash now?

Thank you!

You'll probably earn $15 with 40 sols in the next 24 hours, unless it falls to 10btc (entirely possible, even likely), then maybe $7.50 thereafter, and falling. I'm basing that off nicehash profitability estimate on my miner. It may be wildly off.

Thank you. Much appreciated.

@ibischipmunk Block time is targeted at 2.5 minutes btw

Zcash Calculator:

Thanks for posting, it's very helpful !

That one is VERY inaccurate, try this one instead

hey i have gtx 65i ti 2 gb with cuda core 792 or 780

but my sol is 0
and use nheqminer why did not any sols to me , i update nvidia driver and cuda 8 but my sols/s is 0

what do am i ?

Why is coinwarz inaccurate?
It was within a 3-4% margin of error when I used it for ETH, Dodge, x11 coins etc...

At one point I believe it was using outdated data
Edit: It still is, it assumes 0.3 block reward now

Yeah... just saw it...

Thank you for the calculator! It's great work!!!!!! :relaxed:

(btw, is there a bug at B18? Maybe the value type?
I edited it to show minutes, but it was displaying ZERO by default)

If you are using the CoinWarz link above - it will use the query parameters provided, hence the values not updating...

I always use this one instead to get the latest block reward, diff, etc and then just changes the hashrate and power stuff. http://www.coinwarz.com/calculators/zcash-mining-calculator

I found the mining rewards to be within 5% of actual payouts mining on https://www2.coinmine.pl/zec

The spreadsheet works good too,just easier with CoinWarz IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

Meh, I prefer being able to look at my phone in the morning without typing anything to see how much my profit has changed overnight.

Now B18 is B19, you need to input the following formula for minutes
Also, a zero is technically impossible, unless you're a magician.
Don't forget to update the sheet! I made a slight error yesterday that will be noticeable in a week or two with pool fees&profit.

You probably did
=(B10/(B3/B9))/3600*60 , which actually does =(B10/(B3/B9))/(3600*60)

http://whattomine.com/ also


1 Word, confusing.

probably should remove the #of rigs, people might have 2 completely different rigs, making the calc a pain in the a**

Agreed. Cleaned it up a little.


This page will be very useful for you, it has information links, mining calculators, GPU performance charts, etc.

Hope it helps, and good luck!