Can some answer some question about miner?

Hello i am new to this.And i have a question.When i run my ewbf miner its is showing a lot of jobs but my miner isnt accepting them.It accepts a job every 10-15min in 3hours it accepted about 60.

And my h/s is changing every 20min it goes from 20 do 330.

Can someone help me.Tnx head.

We can try, but you need to give us more information about your system/rig.

What is your gpu / how many
direct to mobo or risers

copy of your start.bat file contents

anything else you think we should know

GTX 1050 2GB

i dont start.bat file,is the file that starts up the miner or is it something else?

“New work found” isn’t that relevant… Are you getting any shares?

Also, if your h/s goes between 20-330, you might have a problem with the driver (not up to date or corrupt), OC (too much), 8-pin cable (faulty or loose) or PSU (not enough power, loose cables, faulty).

I let it run all night from 20 PM to 8 AM and it accepted like 250+ shares, it got avg 111 hs/s.
Is that completly normal or i am getting a bit less shares?

You asked a question but gave us nothing to base it on… are you running 50 1080ti?? then you’re numbers are low, a single 1060,a little low but about right (based …

I replied with my specs for minning rig, i was in hurry so i posted in a hurry.

Running GTX 1050 2GB

Yes that is about average for a 1050

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