Miner's Efficiency

This thread isn’t about mining rig just people mining for part time.
So what efficiency you are geting ?
Drop your
MIner software
System specs

EWBF Cuda Miner

Ryzen 1600
MSi B350 tomahawk
Msi gtx 1060 OC1
G skill ripjaws V 8 gig
Cooler master gx550
a mechanical drive
No ssd

Efficiency 2.6-3.0 sol/watt Mostly

I can get higher 3.5+ Sol/W but my hashrate would be about 150 Sol/s~ less (2200 Sol/s~)

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@threeflappp Great stats on those GPUs, any change you could post your OC settings and other HW/Software? Like what OS/driver you are using.

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@AlexComan Sure!

Using EWBF’s miner with,

CPU: Intel i3-6100
MOBO: Asrock H170A-X1
RAM: Some cheap 4GB DDR4
GPU: 5 x Gigabyte GTX 1070 G1 Gaming
OS: Windows 10 Pro 1703
Driver: 382.53

As for my overclock settings,

I can get up to 500 Sol/s per card but power consumption is too much and not worth it.

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@threeflappp I’m gonna have to try with that driver because at 140 W, all my cards can produce a maximum of 450 (they hover around 1800 mhz core clock, and I see you are at over 1900).

Thanks a lot.

I am doing similar thing with my card -20 +150 +600 and stable 3+ efficiency now

I know about my psu.
Look at other comments that;s what u meant.