Can you find out how many confirmations are needed to transfer?


Sorry, newbie here, so prob dumb Q?.

I sent 1 Zcach from MPH to my wallet, and the No of confirmations is 9150 and rising. Is there any way I can figure out how many more it will take (it’s been over a week and halved in value since the start of the transfer).


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What is MPH? A normal transaction to a wallet would be a few minutes at most

Also, what wallet are you sending to?

MPH = Mining Pool Hub and I’m sending it to my Coinomi wallet

Then the issue is with Coinomi or Mining Pool Hub.

Techincally 1 confirmation on the network is all that’s required for it to be a “valid” transaction and that usually occurs within a few minutes. Exchanges and wallets usually wait for 10-20 confirmations for the transaction to be stronger (less likely hood of being double spent) anything beyond that is excessive.

I suggest contacting Coinomi with your transaction ID and asking where your funds are.


Thanks Shawn, Diamond.

Didn’t realize Coinomi doesn’t have an option to simply update or auto update, had to go to G-Play and download it.

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  • it didn’t tell me it was out of date.
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Just from personal experience in my personal opinion, coinomi is a bad wallet app. Not only you have to manually update without any notification but often they don’t support coin swaps, especially for ERC20 tokens, just in case you have some.

Not even talking about customer support which is one of the worst i have encountered so far.

Than the security issue having the wallets on a cell phone, but that’s just a personal concern of course. If you are comfortable to have all your funds on the phone, fine, me personally isn’t.

Thanks for the warning Boxalex, but I’d never trust a phone. I use BlueStacks on my PC to emulate a phone, KeePass for PWs + lots of security. If I had it on my phone, in the drinking states I can get into sometimes, hmmm, no way would I keep it on my phone.

Do you have an alternative suggestion for Desktop wallet. I only went for Coinomi because it supports soo many coins, but I don’t really like it.

Preferably something with Fee adjuster.

Personal i prefer on most coins the desktop wallet’s for each coin/token which i run on a laptop.

However, for ERC20 tokens and some other coins, including ZEC i use exodus and it’s my absolute favorite for now. I never would suggest something i haven’t used my own, this one is just good. I had twice need of support as i made some stupid mistakes in beginning and these guys on live support are superb. They fixed things immediatly with strong knowledge, not just some send ticket and outsourced people, just perfect.

Give it a try … PS. Auto-exchange is as well included and for sure, at least in my opinion, better than the coinomi exchange options.

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