Begginer question about transactions

I’m mining at , and its linked to poloniex.
So teh question is , everything is stuck @ , i got like 0.06 on poloniex, so will i be able to transfer what i mined to poloniex from coinmine when they enable it, or am i mining and not gaining anything ?

Also should i switch to windows vallet or smth ?

Personally, I would immediately change where the pool is paying out to. Preferably to a wallet you’re running yourself. Then I would sell whatever is on Polo and cut all ties from them.

But that’s just me :wink:

Which wallet would u prefer , but do u know if i will be able to transfer anything from coinmine ? its been runing for a few days, ofc nothing poped up on poloniex.

If you have funds waiting in coinmine, it should send to a new wallet that you set. It depends on what OS you’re running but you can either run the Zcash client directly and control your own wallet, or choose another. If you’re looking for somewhere online I can recommend Cryptonator. It’s just not good practice to mine directly to one of the exchanges. As Polo has shown, trust is an issue and you could end up with little to no access to your funds. You should control your funds.

Tnx for help, transfered to cryptonator.

But thing is , i kept mining for a few days, and it was “transfering” what i farmed to poloniex,but since they don’t accept it, i don’t know what happens to my coins.

Do u have some insight on that ? i farmed almost half a zec , which didnt transfer to poloniex.

Thing is it was transfering coins to DEBIT_AP , what ever that means, i didn’t recive them and its in RED listen.

Debit_AP Confirmed n/a 0.01174870 , left out the unimportant stuff.

im using

                          Credit 	              Bonus 	Debit AP   	  Debit MP 	Donation 	         TXFee

Last Month 0.49820682 0.00000000 0.47078480 0.00000000 0.00000000 0.00000000

this is what i mean.

At the moment, there’s not much you can do about transactions that were already sent/received while Polo has disabled their ZEC wallet. I would hope when they bring it back online, those transactions will be processed. Until that happens those funds are in limbo. You’ll have to take that up with Polo.

Well as i saw , they were sent , and denied cuz polo doesnt accept them. So they should be on the no ?

That would be a question for coinmine.

sent them a msg, no response ofc.

Sorry that’s happening. Out of everything I’ve learned in the short time that I’ve been mining, the most important thing is to keep your funds as direct to you as possible. Try not to rely on third parties so much because literally at any moment, they could be gone.

yea, begginers mistakes probably , which one is the easiest to setup ? i saw zcash4win, don’t know any else to be honest , im using win 10.

If you’re running Windows, zcash4Win works fine. :slight_smile: