Can you mine to a not-always-online wallet?

So, I have heard about how Jaxx isn't a good place to mine to. I have a Linux server that I feel I've done a reasonable job of securing, but I have two questions:

1) What if my pool pays me out while the wallet is offline? Will the coins show as soon as I start the PC with the wallet?

2) What if the hard disk the wallet is stored on fails? How will I recover my coins?

its ok, you just need to sync your wallet to see your coins, and for point 2 you need to save wallet.dat in a pendrive to recover wallet or intall in other pc

your coins are on the blockchain, not really in the wallet, wallet just accesses the blockchain... at least thats how i look at it

Will I need to backup wallet.dat again every time my balance changes? Or is that just private keys to access my balance and stuff

no need to save a new wallet.dat if you move coins, if you sync the old wallet.dat in a new pc all new adresses and movements of coins will be created in that client , i tested that to be sure.

Thanks so much. Is the wallet.dat compatible with different wallet versions? @Zargon