Cause of frequent pool hashrate discrepency?

Hello. I have used flypool for several days using silentarmy. I have noticed the flypool reported hashrate fluctuates and is frequently lower than the hashrate reported by the silentarmy miner. I started using claymore. Again I see the same pattern of flypool reported hashrate fluctuation and lower hashrate than reported by the claymore miner. I don’t know why similar fluctuations and hash rate discrepencies occur using both linux and windows operating systems and two different mining software. Am I the only one who has noticed this? What can be the cause? I have tested my hardware and there are no issues. The CPU usage is low. I did not use pci-e risers or adapters. Any thoughts? Thanks.

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Try a different pool and see if your hash rate looks any better? I don’t have a chart to record the rate but stats on your hashrate update much faster and are more accurate to what the miner says on this pool

Hi @john1111,

this can be totally normal. The pool doesn’t know your hashrate, it can only guess it based on the shares you submit. And depending on the pool software this guessing can have some errors. If for example the time period is too small and there are not enough shares submitted it can keep jumping.

In the end, the pool splits the reward based on shares submitted and all connected miners should be treated equally. So, even if the current hashrate guess is not that good at the pool it should not affect your performance.

There is an average hashrate in flypool, check that after runing your miner 24 hours continuously, it should be your “real” hashrate (but it can fluctuate too +/-2%)
Don’t believe in mining softwares (especially claymore) :wink: