Hashrate varies up and down on Flypool.org

I have five rigs 3-3GPU AMD RX470, 3 - 3 GPU AMD480 … and the other three hold variances of the hardware mentioned above. I am new to mining.

Is it ‘normal’ to have the Hashrates vary (more/less) … my rigs with 3 GPU can fluctuate between 700-930 H/s over a 2 hour period … same as the rig that I have with only one GPU and a rx480 can fluctuate from 220-330.

I am mining Flypool.
gpu’s are all AMD 470 or 480
Latest Crimson AMD drivers are used
Windows 10
Claymore AMD GPU Miner

Is this a normal fluctuation or is there something I can do about it?

Don’t forget some miners have built-in dev fees. Every hour or so they switch pools for a small window (few minutes). That may be why you’re seeing the dips. I know Claymore’s does this and it’s very noticeable when it happens. Especially if you’ve started your miners roughly the same time and they all switch pools at the same time.

Problem is (likely) due to the change of the default difficulty from 2000 to 8000

the devfee mining e.g. with EWBF is timed, but the time is checked after each share. Ergo is a single share takes longer then the devfee runs longer, your mining is ‘offline’ for a longer period. I am seeing this in our farm where EWBF is used too. Using NHEQminer or EQM does not show these issues as far as we can see

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Maybe try one of other pols:
Nanopool have fixed diff level or Slushpool (the most stabel ive mined on so far)
Suprnova gives you 30sec updates on hashrate…
Its in my humble opinion connected with lot of things (driver, net connection, system overall performance, overclock util, way of connecting GPUs, moded BIOSs, PSU…) and of course difficulties…
Kill dev fee on miner or use SSL connection…
And use individual settings per card!