No balance on Flypool after mining for 12 hours

I’ve been mining on Claymore for more than 12 hours now, and flypool still shows 0 immature balance and 0 unpaid balance.

I have a hunch as to what the problem is. I’ve written us1 in the start file, but claymore shows eu1

The initial payout takes a while, same thing for me, i think maybe it was a day to start

What’s your hardware? What’s the stats miner showing?

Figured it out, config file had different settings than the start.bat file, so I changed them to the appropriate ones. Solved the problem, but now my hashtags is sometimes going randomly up and down, sometimes 70, sometimes 100, and sometimes 190 (What it should be)

The .bat file, naturally, effective hasrhate, average hashrate (on your flypool page ) and actual hashrate (on the miner screen) are gonna be diff, which one are you talking about?

Average hashrate on Flypool shows around 55, miner shows hashtags around 70.

My avg is 1.35 khs, current effective 1.6, actual 1.453, they vary with the difficulty and pool share and network weight i imagine, they fluctuate but avg stays around the same

Okay, I restarted the miner several times, and I got it to start at about 185h/s. Flypool shows fluctuating hashrate but that’s expected. However, the hashrate on Claymore suddenly dropped to about 100h/s after about 18-20 hours, which is also reflected by Flypool showing much lower hashrate, even taking into account fluctuation.

Make sure your paging file is large enough, ive read up to 16g recommended for some