ZEC/BTC about 1 BTC

The price continues to fall. Do you think there will be increased soon??

I hope so

No. The price will continue to go down for at least another week, perhaps even for the full four weeks of slow start. The current price should not be seen as the ‘real’ price.

This is a combination of very low supply due to slow start and very high demand due to launch buzz.

Even if there were only 100 coins released every day for the indefinite future, the price would drop. The fact is, we’ll be seeing 7200 coins a day 4 weeks from now.


If by soon, you mean 2-5 years from now, sure there’s a chance.

All it will take is tens of thousands of woman-hours on the code base, luck in developing desirable use case adopters not better served by other cryptos (sustainable real demand vs the speculative demand that hopes for those eventual real users), luck in the cutting edge privacy scheme not being susceptible to things like counterfeiting, and ongoing community support despite the coming price crash that many will probably misinterpret as some sort of objective commentary on zcash tech due to a scarcity of basic economic competence. And other factors, I’m sure. International political climates and goverment regulatory reactions and lions and tigers and bears…

And after 8 weeks the price will be 1zec = 1satoshi :smiley:

That will most likely depend on whether someone finds a solid use case, or whether someone finds a vulnerability. I think ZEC has potential to remain a major crypto because it is useable in a bunch of circumstances that bitcoin is not.

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