How do you set-up flypool?

Dumb question, but I’m setting up my first attempt at a mining rig with Claymore’s miner and I want to use flypool, but not exactly sure how it works. I don’t see a way to set up an account or anything. I have an account with Poloneix - do I use my ZEC deposit address from there somehow?


Yes, that is exactly what you use. In your Claymore folder you should see a file “Start.bat”. Right click on that and click edit. Erase everything in there and paste the following. When done, save and double click on it to start mining.


set hostname=%COMPUTERNAME%
echo %hostname%

ZecMiner64.exe -zpool -zwal yourpoloniexaddress.%hostname% -zpsw x


Change yourpoloniexaddress to your address of course and if you are in a region besides the US you might want to change the prefix on the pool address “US1” to something else, maybe EU1.

You can just manually put a miner name too instead of the hostname part, I use this as I have many rigs and it makes naming them on the pools easier.

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thank you! ok it looks like i have the miner set up correctly now, but how do i get flypool to payout to my polo address? i still show a zero balance on poloneix

flypool screenshot:

Once you accumulate 0.01 ZEC in your pool account it should auto payout. This process can take awhile, maybe up to two hours once you reach the threshold as the blocks need to mature, the payout script needs to run, and then you will need to wait for 24 confirmations on Poloniex.

You can change the minimum payout amount under the Settings tab, but anything less than the 0.01 default and they will assess a withdrawal fee.

excellent - thanks

just wondering how you guys set username for -u parameter, I found both z_address and t_address can work.

what’s the different, which is best?

They are not paying out to z_addr at this time, so use a t_addr

Thanks for your suggestion.

No such thing as dumb question fellow miner :). I would have helped but these nice people beat me to it. I am 2 week noob hashing 800 H total… gona be more very soon. glhf