Claymore Miner Causing PC To Restart

Claymore v8 and v9 is causing my rig to restart randomly, usually not long after it begins mining or when its doing its system checks. I have a z97x motherboard with 5 r9 nanos with one 1200 w psu and one 1000w psu. I thought it was power so I spread them evenly across the two psus but that hasnt helped. I check the event log and it says theres an error about something not having permission. Whats strange is that it seems to work ok most of the time using nicehash which uses claymore, but claymore by itself always causes the system to restart. Any ideas?

Post you error message and I am sure someone will help

Have the same problem … Anyone???

Same problem with VTX3D r9 390 1000/1500
V9 is harder on GPUs, they need more voltage to be stable vs V8.