Client-side Zcash wallet like local myetherwallet?

Following up on this question. Looking for a wallet which runs in chrome, and publishes transactions to the zcash network without tracking the blockchain for you. Transparent transactions only is fine.

Oh, and by “in chrome” I mean “in a local web page in chrome.” Would prefer to avoid solutions like jaxx.

Jaxx has has a chrome extension just like myetherwallet, no?

Myetherwallet is not an extension, which means limits its permissions much more.

I see. Afaik Jaxx is the only client-side solution similar to myetherwallet at the moment.

May I ask why you don’t want to use Jaxx? In the end, you’re the one controlling your private key for both of these solutions.

I’d much rather use something which isn’t silently autoupdated, and can’t change browser behavior.

I don’t believe there is. MEW has its issues, too. You’ll still need to connect to a node you trust. The MEW model is also broken unless you run it locally on your machine after having vetted the code yourself. The hosted MEW having recently been spoofed and private keys stolen…

OK, thanks. Any other way to run a light wallet on a chromebook which isn’t in developer mode?