Cloud Mining at Scale

Our group is finalizing terms with an established data center operator with DCs in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. Further details early next week.

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GPU ? CPU with custom miner ? or the zcashd daemon miner ?

It will be important that you post pricing as soon as possible. zeropond open their sale in 28 hours.

These will be virtual machines doing CPU mining. We’re benchmarking various VM configurations for hash performance and to establish VM density limits on existing blades of various sizes and generations. We’re also benchmarking on a range of EC2 sizes with a mind to substantially exceeding application-specific price/performance. Thanks, Dan, for the reminder. The pressure is on! :slight_smile:


Looking forward to hearing more about your successes. Do you have a specific goal in mind in terms of hashing power?

Looking forward to more info.

Please notify me when pricing is available

Showing my interest.

@zmine Also showing interest. Please notify when pricing becomes available.

Waiting for more info on this one.

Any update on this one ?

Let me know if you need some GPUs.

I currently run quite a substantial (not going to give out the exact ETH hashrate publicly but think between 1-15 GH/s) Ethereum mining farm in the Pacific Northwest (USA) and pay around 3 cents per kw/h for electricity (some of the cheapest power in the world due to the hydro-electric dam)

I am willing to rent our facility for your use if you have a GPU miner available for us to install. We have currently been working on our own but its slow going so we would like to team up with someone established.

@cascadiacrypto … I’ll pass this on to a dev I know is working on this. Possibly something there. Thanks.

@All, re CPU mining.

We have access to considerable installed and ready CPU servers and we have secured an agreement with the operator. These are, minimally, 12-core XEON 128GB machines and much larger. We can have them on a dedicated basis at all-inclusive price/performance levels far better than competing cloud CPU options.

However, the possible emergence of GPU mining has us reconsidering the wisdom of taking this to market. The claims around GPU set a price-to-beat that isn’t doable.

If we’re overlooking an opportunity, we want to hear from you. If anyone is planning to rent lots of EC2 instances, for example, reconsider. Please PM me if you wish to discuss platform and pricing details for a large quantity of installed and managed CPU that would be suitable for mining.

In truth, having any sort of array mining is better than none.

Yes there will be better optimized systems, but if you look at the prospect of cloud mining, trust worthy sources are a million in one. SO… they sell out immediately. If you ultimately looking for that million in one, your not in the position to mine yourself. So while, a company may offer GPU mining over yours, as long as you price accordingly, even at a CPU mining alone, I personally would buy in.

I cannot dedicate more than a single laptop to the cause, thus making mining on my behalf nearly impossible. I am sure there is a large consumer based in the same boat.