Small Cloud mining experiment

I’ve never offered cloud mining services before but I have access to some cheap server resources that might be good for mining.
I’m currently doing testing of 3x dual core Servers and getting around 1H/s for each and everything seems stable. I’d like to ramp up my testing to around 32 to 64 CPUs ~ 30 to 60 h/s and continue my testing. I’m hoping that the performance will scale better.

I’m curious if anyone is interested? I’m not looking for thousands of people just two or three people who’d like to help with an experiment and don’t mind making a little ZEC on the side. The cost of the servers to me would be around $600USD (16 quad core Servers for a year but I have to get at least one year lump sum.

I’d like to hear peoples opinion on what is a fair profit for the service provider (ie. Me). at the moment though I’d like to just to get the servers spinning as soon as possible.

Investment would have to be through paypal, unfortunately.

Questions are welcome. although I can’t disclose the location of the servers.

Why the heck would I send you a lump sum of money to do what I can do myself? Or rather, why would I pay an annual lump sum to you when I can test monthly myself?

Experiment? More like … just stupid. Fork up the funds yourself and test this screwball idea. Or just pay for it and mine.

The same reason why anyone would do cloud mining. The convenience of someone else managing your miners and taking care of everything for you.

It’s just a cheaper option than all the other cloud mining offerings available at the moment.

He’s talking about literally getting a cloud server with 32 to 64 cpu’s. No GPU’s. Name me a cloud mining operation that sells CPU hashpower. Just get a virtual server on your own, pay hourly/monthly/annually, and do it yourself. And even if there is a cloud mining operation that sells CPU hashpower, it’s still probably cheaper, easier and more control to just set up the virtual server/bare metal on your own.

I’m not aware of anyway to get a 64 core server for $600…

It’s true nobody is offer CPU cloud service, but CPU mining is still pretty strong at the moment.

I challenge anyone to go cheaper than $0.07/h on a 64 CPU VPS

How much memory on the 64 CPU VPS? And yes, $0.07 would be a steal. No idea where to even find that. I’m paying much more on 32 cpu right now myself. If I saw $0.07 I’d have 20 of them up and running right now. Where at?

It would be 32 GB for 64 CPU’s

That’s what I’m offering - $600 for a year with a 64 CPU

Just an example of the cost of other Cloud Mining Services… 30H/s is $1400.01 per year

I’m getting ~45 sol/s on a 32cpu vps right now. Getting ~21 sol/s on a 20cpu vps.

The pic you posted looks like it’s from Genesis. That also doesn’t start until Dec 1 I believe. Additionally, they are largely pricing on speculation. That’s a ridiculous price.

I’m also getting ~37 sol/s on each of my GPU’s.

That’s what I mean by scaleing, I think larger systems run much more efficiently than small dual core systems.

It is Genesis mining, just comparing similar products.

I don’t have access to cheap GPUs but I do have access to cheap CPUs I think Price per hash is going to be very reasonable.

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