Coinbase rewards sent to transparent vs. shielded

Is there a way to move coinbase rewards out of a transparent address into a shielded one? I mistakenly sent some mining rewards to my Exodus wallet transparent address and now they are unmovable. I read that it may work by restoring the wallet into a coinomi wallet, which I tried, but that had no success. I’m sure there is a way but I am coming up short on the solution. I am working with Exodus on this as well - their support is superb so hopefully a solution will soon be found. Thank you.

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The protocol enforces transparent coinbase rewards be shielded before they can be sent to any other taddy.

You’ll need to import your seed or keys into at least a z-address capable wallet such as Ywallet, Zecwallet Lite, Nighthawk or Zingo to send to a shielded address and essentially unlock your funds.

The guide below describes using zcashd to eleviate the problem if your funds happened to be there (zcashd can import priv key if thats what you have).

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