How to withdraw ZEC from Binance to Nighthawk wallet

Hey folks,
I’m testing out shielding for ZEC on Incognito and got stuck.

**The problem **: In Incognito we currently support shielding for z-addresses (unshielding for z/t-addresses), so there’s no a direct way to send ZEC from Binance to Incognito privacy mode.

Solution: I’m requesting for help with finding the shortest way to send ZEC from Binance (t-address supported) to the Nighthawk app (z-address supported).

Thanks in advance.

Try Zecwallet lite

Yep, @Autotunafish is correct.

  1. Generate T-address on ZecWallet to receive.
  2. ZecWallet should automatically shield for you (not sure how long)
  3. Then you can send to Nighthawk z2z
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The next time an outgoing transaction is made from ZecWallet Lite, the wallet will opportunistically piggyback on that transaction and shield transparent UTXOs. Until then, the transparent UTXOs will not be touched and remain unshielded.


So, the steps should be next:

  1. from Binance to Zecwallet Lite.
  2. Internal transaction;
  3. After that I can use z-address to receive?

Or step 2 in my list means I can send to a z-address right after I got ZEC to Zecwallet Lite?

Thanks for answering.

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Yes, you can send directly to a z-address from Zecwallet Lite, even when you only have transparent balance. So, you only need to:

  1. Send from Binance to Zecwallet Lite t-adrr.
  2. After confirmations, send from Zecwallet Lite to any z-addr. You can also attach memo in Zecwallet Lite.

In connection with this question, I will repeat my conclusions:

For all the seeming coolness of “we don’t support T-addresses”, the use of wallets without T-address support at the moment makes them unusable.

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Put another way, makes Binance unusable, Gemini works just fine for me.

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I asked the twins about a filial in Russia. They laughed it off, but I understand them perfectly. The market is large, but there is legal uncertainty.