Community Call with the ZOMG Candidates (December 2021)

In this community call, the ZOMG candidates will get a chance to introduce themselves. Attendees can use the Zoom chat feature to ask the candidates questions directly.

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We are currently looking to collect questions from the community to pose to ZOMG candidates during this call.

Please post the questions you would like answered in this thread before the call on Wednesday & the questions with the most upvotes/:heart:S will be prioritized.


To all Candidates: What do you see as the governance role of ZOMG in a more decentralized ecosystem? Do you think ZOMG should one day be a fully independent third entity?


In the future can we look into using a videoconferencing service that prioritizes privacy like Jitsi? Zoom is a privacy mess.


There have been discussions about mitigating the risk of all committee members deciding to not run for re-election.

One suggested approach that I think makes a lot of sense is to stagger elections, e.g. to have an election for 2 (or 3) committee members and then 6 months later have an election for 3 (or 2) committee members, and so on.

This would mean that the most that would ever roll off the committee at once would be 3 members thus helping to ensure continuity.

Which brings me to my question to all candidates:

Would you be willing to serve on the committee for a 6 month term?

Note: An 18 month term could also work.


At the end of your time on the committee, what goals would you like to have achieved?


Phrased differently, how will you define the success or failure of the committee? (I know this would require a discussion with the rest of the members, still curious though to hear each candidate’s individual thoughts)


If ZOMG were to implement an RFP process, what would be some of your priority areas to solicit proposals on?

What is a proposal title you might like to put forward, or see put forward?


Meeting times for clarity.

21:00-22:30 Coordinated Universal Time (UTC)
1 – 2:30 P.M. Pacific Time (PT)
2 – 3:30 P.M. Mountain Time (MT)
4 - 5:30 P.M. Eastern Time (ET)

What are your ideas to gain the attention and participation of low income and marginal groups to use and gain access to zec?


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I want to thank @decentralistdan for asking my question on the call and all candidates @aiyadt @dontpanicburns @kayabaNerve @wobbzz for their insightful and different answers.


Yeah, well done to the candidates. BTW – When can we vote on this? Or… is it too late? Been kind of out of the loop lately! Cheers.

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The Helios poll opens on the 20th and goes through the 31st.