Community Call with the ZCG Candidates - 20:00 UTC on 15th December 2022

As with past ZOMG and ZCG elections, we will be hosting a community call with the candidates standing for election to ZCG on Thursday 15th December at 20:00 UTC.

Here is the Zoom link to join the live call.

Please post the questions you would like answered in this thread. The questions with the most likes (:heart:s) will be prioritized. Please suggest multiple questions as separate posts, so that they can be :heart:'d separately.


Zcash User Growth:
If you are elected to ZCG, how can you help increase user growth? How can you help wallet developers enter the ecosystem?


How can ZCG help Zcash and the ideas of privacy and financial freedom break out of the Crypto-Twitter bubble?


Twitter is now used by many people. So, we think it is necessary to improve the awareness of Zcash. Privacy is not in a good position because there are still many people who do not know about it and the perception is poor.


Multi-part question :slight_smile:
When discussing and voting on grants, the ZCG committee members have various opinions and evaluation criteria. How does your background help with the committee’s discussion? Are you outspoken with your views? Do you vote with popular opinion in the community or consider the long-term impact and viability of a proposed grant?


Since I am not good at English, I will post the answer to the question on the ZCG bulletin board on December 15th. @Dodger

Thank you for the response. My concern is that Twitter, through it’s algorithms, creates echo chambers. I think the growth opportunities are outside of the existing reach of the Zcash message. My question refers to how can ZCG help bring the message outside of the bubble that already knows about Zcash.


Great to see a strong pool of @ZCG_Candidates again for this cycle, and also to see 3 of the 4 sitting committee members standing again. Thanks @aiyadt for your efforts this year, I’m looking forward to seeing how Nighthawk progresses now that it will get your full focus.

I would like to see our staggered election cycles have 3 and 2 seats up for grabs each time, instead of the current 4 and 1. I still think there’s too much of a risk to continuity if 4 current members were to step down at once.

Which leads me to my question, if elected, would you be prepared to sit for a 6 month term and then stand again in 6 months time with @dontpanicburns? We could potentially have a name drawn from a hat for the person to serve the 6 month term…


Hi Everyone - I’m sorry to say I won’t be able to make the ZCG community call. I have overlapping pre-existing clinical responsibilities that unfortunately I can’t work around on short notice. I’ll do my best to answer any questions here and can refer folks back to the previous ZCG community call in which I was able to answer questions in real time.


What do you see as the governance role of ZCG in a more decentralized ecosystem? Do you think ZCG should one day be a fully independent third entity?


Are there any specific areas of the Zcash ecosystem that you are particularly interested in or passionate about supporting through ZCG?


Do you have any new ideas how ZCG can attract more independent teams, specifically developers, to submit grants?


Do you think ZCG should focus and spend more on marketing, whether marketing Zcash itself or marketing ZCG, RFPs?


Do you support ZCG becoming it’s own legal entity housed outside of the USA as soon as possible?


Zcash shielded Assets:
What are your thoughts on ZSA? How will you help the community understand an use ZSA?

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How will you help economically challenged individuals access zcash community grants?

What is the ZCG going to do about the approved grants that are behind schedule or abandoned? What’s the follow-up process? Was it OK to approve them? Are the funds wasted?

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  1. How many small business owners have 10 hours a week free to serve as a member of the ZCG?
  2. How many full time employees with kids have time to write RFPs?
  3. How many leaders in the crypto space have the capacity to assist in managing a Global Ambassador Program on-top of reviewing grants?

ZCG membership is not intended to be a paid job opportunity at the expense the applicants other job/career and yet the responsibilities of a ZCG member are ever increasing. Reviewing grants, RFIs, RFPs, Global Ambassador Program, attending conferences, etc. Do you think we should keep expecting more from ZCG members and in effect make the ZCG role a paid part-time position? Or do you think we should focus more on the core competency of reviewing grants and keep attracting a larger and diverse set of candidates?


What does Zcash mean to you?