Competitive rig?

I just got 3 units: all Intel Celeron CPU G3930 @ 2.90GHz; 4GB RAM, 64-bit OS, x64-based processor Windows 10 pro. two of them have 6 GTX 1060s and one has 4. They were used for mining ETH for the past couple years and averaged 300mh/s.

I’d like to transition away from ETH and move to Zcash. Is this competitive?

For that kind of rig you would be better off continuing to mine ETH.

A 1060 GPU on Zcash (Equihash) gets about 300 Sols/s the smallest Zcash ASIC gets 10,000 Sols/s and the biggest gets 120,000 Sols/s.

For Zcash GPUs simply can’t compete with the ASICs.

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wow, ok thanks. when the London upgrade is totally implemented for ETH and mining is obsolete, what other alternative is my rig suited for?

Head over to and you can find a few other coins that would be profitable with your rig.

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Zсash has a fork - Ycash that has warmly welcomed everyone who wants to continue mining the best privacy coin, but with ASIC-resistance. You can get acquainted with the mission and vision of the team here in the thread on this forum:

Please note that Ycash has the exclusive status of a friendly fork, otherwise this branch on the forum could not exist.
A large number of those who love Zcash also believe in Ycash today and hold it too.

about YEC-mining:

Mining - Ycash™ Foundation English version
Майнинг Russian version


You can also run Nicehash. It automatically switches algos for you.

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Google-translated info from Ru-site (Почему YCASH?):


What to mine on GPUs in 2021 is a question that became relevant with the transition of Ethereum to the POS algorithm and the emergence of powerful ASICs for the EtHash algorithm, which made GPU mining of coins on this algorithm absolutely uncompetitive. And in fact, there are not so many alternatives. The simplest option would be to trust the automatic Nicehash algorithm. But, unfortunately, this will be an unprincipled “mechanical” mining, the goal of which is to extract some modest fiat profitability here and now.

What about a long-term mining option?

What is there under perspective? The idea that mining is carried out not for the current sale of coins to the market, but for the sale with a certain delay, in the expectation that the price in the future will significantly increase relative to the current values.

For this to be a really sane calculation, and not an illusory fantasy, the coin you choose to mine must meet certain conditions.

First, the coin must have a finite issue.

Ycash - has a limit on the number of coins, similar to the “parent” coin Zcash, from which the fork originated. A total of 21 million coins will be mined, of which 10.5 million already exist. Halvings happen every 4 years, just like Bitcoin and Zcash. Thus, in the period from 2021 to 2024, 6.25 million coins will be mined, and by the beginning of 2025, 75% of the emission will be distributed among the primary holders. You may be among them.

Second, the current rate of return should be good.

Mining in Ycash with these coins is now very profitable. At the end of 2020, after the first halving, the profitability per GPU is from 1 to 3 coins per day, depending on the card’s power. For understanding, an average rig of six AMD RX580 brings in about 350 coins per month! This is a very good result considering the maximum emission of 21 million coins. But everything may change in a year, when Ycash will be mined not by several hundred rigs, but by thousands, and the price of the coin will already be much higher than the level of 10 cents. Therefore, it makes sense to hurry up.

Current indicators of profitability for five vega56 (FlyPool):

Thirdly, and this is the most important thing - IDEA!

Who among you, dear readers, have not mined Zcash? A coin with a brilliant idea and the best available crypto-encryption technology based on zero knowledge proofs. Almost everyone mined it! But that was until Bitmain made the first ASIC for Equihash and dropped GPU profitability below the floor. We waited for ASIC resistance, but unfortunately, were not heard. GPU miners are gone …

This is why Ycash is here!

Ycash fixes this problem - there will be no more ASICs, since the developers, by forking, ensured that any attempts by the manufacturers of special purpose integrated circuits would be met with an algorithm change. Here’s a link to that statement.

Along with this, the coin has all the privacy properties that Zcash has. And despite the fact that today few people know about Ycash, due to its properties, it has every chance to rapidly break into the rating of the first hundred coins in terms of capitalization. There is nothing impossible in this and it will already be a good result in the near future, since today Ycash is outside the first thousand.

If you somehow found out about Ycash and are reading this text, then carefully consider the possibility of mining for the future!"

You decide :slight_smile:

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