I want to use multiple zcash.conf files
?1) does the secondary zcash.conf need to be located in .zcash?
?2) can the secondary zcash.conf be named zcash2.conf?
?3) can I locate it in any of the home directories?
?4) could anyone provide command examples for secondary or third .conf files

zcashd on debian
This is what I used, and received = missing conf file in the terminal
./src/zcashd --daemon -zconf=/home/admin/zcash.conf

Thanks advanced time

I had an issue with the conf file on 4.1.1, said it wasn’t there even though it was but to be fair the computer may not be in proper order (video driver hiccup) and may not have built correctly though I think it did, I’ll try again hopefully this weekend
(Ordered a dms59 adapter because I suspect the s-vid 7-pin output doesn’t like the 4-pin cable and input, don’t have a 7-pin monitor so I need to wait otherwise it freezes)


The config option to specify a configuration file is -conf, not -zconf.

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dms59 adapter worked for the video freeze issue :+1: but why it doesn’t see the conf idk, almost seems like an OS problem so I’m gonna reinstall everything (this was a fresh dedicated node so no big deal) and we’ll see what happens
Hopefully this above☝’zconf’ was the other reason but this is default location unspecified so idk

Yeah it was just my linux ineptitude and I wasnt root (the auto login and pswrd to login are rather different experiences lol) but all good now, the working file name is ‘apsotrophe’ denoted so maybe thats actionable here idk

If it helps anyone:
0) its not -zconf= , its -conf=

  1. my first error was not understanding I had to keep a zcash.conf file inside .zcash directory
  2. create new zcash.conf where ever you want. Here are a few examples I used:
  3. ./src/zcashd --daemon -conf=/home/admin/.zcash26/zcash3.conf -datadir=/home/admin/.zcash26
  4. ./src/zcashd --daemon -conf=/home/admin/.zcash26/zcash3.conf -datadir=/home/admin/.zcash26 -wallet=/home/admin/wallet_1.dat

Side note: I had to keep the same rpcuser and rpcpassword in the originial ./zcash/zcash.conf inside the new zcash3.conf

My conf is outside zcash dir just hanging out in the home directory because of the wonky root privlidges, there is no zcash/zcash.conf because (for me) it doesn’t recognize any file there named that anyways, I assume, for said reason but idk

Hmm, this seems like a bug. The intent of the “you must have a config file” behaviour (as the error message states) is that we aren’t assuming anything about your config, so you need to have one (even if empty). You manually specifying -conf should only change the path the existence of which is checked.

I can attest to 4.1.1 not requiring as much, my conf is outside the zcash dir and there is no zcash.conf present in the zcash dir, I think Ubuntu builds are just funny sometimes