Ready to use AMI for Amazon AWS GPU mining

I’ve created an AMI for AWS that can be used to mine with CUDA GPU. Just running it on g2.xlarge servers.

Its all pre-compiled and ready to run, no Linux knowledge needed to start it. It uses nicehash ( GitHub - nicehash/nheqminer: Equihash miner for NiceHash ) for mining so all ready to go for pool mining.

Can easily be used with Spot-Instances that are pretty cheap: Amazon EC2 Spot Instances Pricing

Anybody interested?

How does that work?

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how many solve and is that worths 2.5 usd for 1 day _

Hashrate, please?
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getting at the moment around 8 Sols/s
I guess more optimization is possible.
Waiting for resolving this issue: Higher CPU than Intel i7 6700 K but still get on 6-7 sol/s · Issue #115 · nicehash/nheqminer · GitHub

Would be interesting to run on g2.8xlarge with more RAM
Would need some funds to do more testing

Update starting 1 x nheqminer_cuda_tromp and 1 x nheqminer_cpu gives 14-20 H/s

Too low. Never ROI :sweat_smile:

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its a starting point for experimenting

this is WAY too late to experiment with.

I’ve used this method running 100 computers(64 cpus) getting about 100 hashes/sec from each.
Mined and sold while the price was over 2.0-2.5 btc.

right now - not touching it.

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that might be true, mining at the moment with CPU on 3 linux machines and having trouble to mine faster than the price is falling :slight_smile: was still fun and worthwhile learning more about AWS

there is much more interest in than I had expected. I’m surprised to see so many people using it regardless the fact that there is only an official linux client.

AWS EC2 is marketing Their so called compute instances (c4.large, c4.xlarge) work slower than my 4y old laptop, don’t know why, HVM virtualization overhead or something else…

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@individual-it hey shre the name of the AMI , I will like to pook at it

WAY slower clock speeds, vCPU

please send me your AWS Account Number and I will publish it for you

Anyway I could get a copy of it?

check for the ami with the ID ami-dd280fca
If you cannot find it please tell me your amazon user and I can give specific permissions for you

I wasn’t able to find it, my account ID is 503929816351

you still running it?
any luck on ROI?

I was never able to see where you uploaded it

sorry I was busy. First I made it public don’t know why you cold not find it. Now I gave permission for account ID is 503929816351
Please try it

I Am going to try in the am