Zclassic Silentarmy on Windows

Hello guys,

Having issues getting this rig up and running to mine Zclassic. I’m using silentarmy on my win10 rig with 7 gtx 1070 cards. The program looks like it’s mining with 1GPU and all the cores of the CPU. How can I get it to mine with all the GPU’s installed on my rig. Been poking at this for the last 2 hours and cant get to the bottom of it.

Heres my my batch file:
nheqminer.exe -cd 0 -t 4 -l us-east1.zclassic.miningpoolhub.com:20575 -u login.name -p x

I have the latest drivers installed on my cards and have no issues when I mine Zcash using ewbf cuda

Here are the beginning lines from the program when I run the BAT file:

Setting log level to 2
[20:52:10][0x000015f4] Using SSE2: YES
[20:52:10][0x000015f4] Using AVX: NO
[20:52:10][0x000015f4] Using AVX2: NO
[20:52:10][0x00001f38] stratum | Starting miner
[20:52:10][0x00001738] miner#0 | Starting thread #0 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[20:52:10][0x00000314] miner#1 | Starting thread #1 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[20:52:10][0x00001460] miner#2 | Starting thread #2 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[20:52:10][0x00001530] miner#3 | Starting thread #3 (CPU-TROMP-SSE2)
[20:52:10][0x0000074c] miner#4 | Starting thread #4 (CUDA-DJEZO) GeForce GTX 1070 (#0) M=1
[20:52:10][0x00001f38] stratum | Connecting to stratum server (wont let me put more than two links but its connecting properly)
[20:52:10][0x00001f38] stratum | Connected!

Im getting 0.3 khs on this things and the dot should be behind the 3 if working properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated I’m running out of Marlboros tackling this.


Fixed this. Here it is for those who will need this in the future:

nheqminer.exe -cd 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 -t 4 -l us-east1.zclassic.miningpoolhub.com:20575 -u login.name -p x